Since 1979, FUGIMAKU has been a pioneer in OEM/ODM services, specializing in high-quality pneumatic grease pumps, oil pumpsvacuum oil extractors pump, and precision flow meters for machinery and vehicles. We're also dedicated to automotive lifting equipment. With continuous technological advancement, we've become a renowned brand in Taiwan's automotive lifting equipment sector.

In research and development, we prioritize innovation and understanding evolving market demands. Our team fosters new ideas, challenges norms, and continually enhances our products and processes to maintain cutting-edge solutions. Our product range includes automotive lifting equipment for comprehensive operational efficiency.

Our manufacturing expertise focuses on versatile pneumatic pumps, vacuum oil extractors, and precision flow meters. Meticulously designed products meet diverse customer needs, standing out in the market with superior manufacturing and unique designs.

Quality is paramount, with a commitment to excellence and sustainability. We prioritize "quality first" and integrate sustainability into our strategies, promoting energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and resource recycling.

FUGIMAKU excels in manufacturing, research and development, and quality control, providing professional OEM/ODM services through continuous innovation and top-tier quality.

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