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What is an air-operated oil pump?

An air-operated oil pump known as an air-operated oil transfer pump, a pneumatic oil pump is used primarily for transferring oil and other lubricants from one container to another. Its primary function is to efficiently and safely dispense fluids such as motor oil, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, and similar lubricants in various industries and applications. For example: it can be used for vehicle maintenance and oil change, and in industry it can be used to lubricate heavy machinery and equipment to ensure normal operation and service life.

Pneumatic oil transfer pumps can handle various types of oils and lubricants, making them suitable for a variety of applications and providing fast and reliable fluid transfer, reducing downtime and increasing productivity while safely minimizing spills and reducing environmental pollution. or the risk of workplace accidents, the portability allows it to be easily moved and used in different work areas.

Air Operated Oil Pump Manufacturer

FUGIMAKU is a famous pneumatic oil pump manufacturer in Taiwan, we provide a variety of air-operated oil pumps that can be used with oil buckets. We are looking for global partners, if you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for further cooperation details!

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