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Electric Hydraulic presses are used extensively in the automotive industry, both during manufacturing and assembly, as well as after production for repairs and maintenance. Automobile manufacturers use hydraulic presses machines throughout the production process, and automobile repair shop owners rely on presses as well to maintain vehicles in good operating condition.

Electric Hydraulic Press for Auto Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing is an extremely competitive industry and there are many challenges that automobile manufacturers face. In auto manufacturing, electric hydraulic presses are used extensively for forming a vast array of components, as well as for pressing parts together during the assembly of the vehicle.

Electric hydraulic press machines are versatile enough to be used for folding and forming the most complex of car parts, such as large, heavy-duty mechanical components, body frame parts, steering systems, clutch systems, etc.

Electric Hydraulic Press for Auto Repair and Maintenance

Reliable transportation is something we often take for granted, but efficient vehicle maintenance and repair are essential to keeping our lives on track. Whether it’s repairing our family car to get us around, or keeping large delivery trucks and vehicles on the road, for the smooth running of a business, vehicle maintenance is vital to our daily lives.

With versatile electric hydraulic shop presses, any machine or auto repair shop can perform a wide variety of maintenance operations, such as removing and reinstalling bearings, and pressing and forming metal parts.

FUGIMAKU Electric Hydraulic Press Solutions

Many auto repair shops are small, family-run businesses, and having the right equipment on hand can make a big difference in a company's profitability. FUGIMAKU hydraulic shop presses are intelligently designed to offer the versatility needed to efficiently and reliably control the forming pressure and speed needed for a vast range of processes. Their heavy-duty construction guarantees years of reliable service with minimal downtime, increasing profitability.

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