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Car lift are one of the commonly used equipment in auto repair shops, and almost every auto shops needs to be equipped with a lift. It lifts the repaired car to a certain height away from the ground, so that the mechanics can enter the bottom of the car for work, or remove the flat fire, wheel alignment and other works. It brings great convenience to the repair, maintainess work, 4s shops of automobiles, as small as roadside repair shops, and even car wash shops have demands for lifts. The lifting machine can be divided into: single column, double column, four column and scissor type. Different types of jacks can be used for different models and different tasks. scissor lifts,  are commonly used models for most people. Scissor-type lift can be divided into ultra-thin lift and in-ground lift. Heavy duty lift are suitable for RVs and small trucks. The first layer of the wheel alignment lift can be used as a large flat platform, and the upper platform is used for disassembly and maintenance of tires and wheel alignment.

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