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Best Hydraulic Presses Supplier

Fu Tsen is a hydraulic presses manufacturer in Taiwan, we supply a range of from 15T to 100T high-quality manual hydraulic presses and electric shop presses that can meet the needs of most industrial environments, we also can provide customized products according to customer needs, if you have any hydraulic presses machine-related problems, welcome to contact us, we have a professional team can offer the help you need!

How to Hydraulic Press Work

The hydraulic press is known as shop presses, which is consists of a larger cylinder and the other smaller cylinder, the larger cylinder is called RAM, and the smaller cylinder is called Plunger, the hydraulic press machine working principle is based on Pascal’s law, which states that when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, will be evenly distributed everywhere on the container. Thus, when applying a small amount of force onto the Plunger, the cylinder will push the fluid below it let the pressure be distributed evenly throughout the liquid, with the pressure between the Plunger and the Ram can be crushed the item between these two cylinders.

Why Use Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic presses have a wide range of uses, including part manufacturing, car crushing, maintenance and assembly operations, the shop presses compared to mechanical presses, have low purchase costs and maintenance costs. In addition, the shop presses have overload protection. When the pressure reaches a certain level, it will automatically open the safety valve, making work safer more secure.

Which industries will be applied to hydraulic press?

Whether on a manufacturing production line or at a local auto repair shop, one item of equipment you are almost sure to find is a hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is a machine that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force onto a flatbed or surface. Hydraulic presses come in a broad range of sizes and are used for a wide variety of applications.

1. Manufacturing

Hydraulic presses are used extensively in demanding, high-production manufacturing industries. Appliance manufacturers use presses to mold a broad range of components and panels for automobiles and machinery. Hydraulic presses provide smooth even pressure, so are commonly used for assembling parts in appliances and machinery applications.

2. Agricultural Equipment

Today’s modern farms rely on a lot of large farm equipment, and farmers depend on a good workshop to properly maintain equipment and minimize any downtimes caused by equipment failure. A simple compact press in the farm workshop can meet the often-unexpected repair needs that arise on a farm.

3. General Machinery Maintenance

In any industry where machinery is running, there will always be the need for repairs and maintenance. For metal fabricating, such as bending, straightening, punching, flattening, or forming, a good hydraulic press will make these processes quick and easy.

Presses also come in handy for things like compressing glued woodworking projects, holding welding projects steady, and separating rusted parts.

4. Auto Maintenance and Repair

For the small business workshop or auto repair shop, a good hydraulic press will make easy work of removing and reinstalling bearings, pressing mechanical assemblies, and forming metal parts.

5. Metal Hardware Fabrication

When you need to custom fabricate parts for any type of mechanical application, a portable hydraulic press is ideal for forming sheet metal into the parts you need. Steel plates can be cut, bent and formed into numerous shapes. Using standard punches and flares, it is easy to custom punch, notch and flange curved edges as well as square projects.

FUGIMAKU Manual and Electric Hydraulic Presses

The mechanical simplicity of FUGIMAKE manual hydraulic presses makes them a low cost, economical solution for the small shop owner. Due to their simple construction, with few moving parts, they have fewer breakdowns, maintenance costs are low, parts are easy to replace, and their noise levels are lower, making them more pleasant to work with.

For quick work on multiple, repetitive procedures, FUGIMAKU electric hydraulic presses are power-saving, durable and easy to operate. Their precision hydraulic cylinders and sturdy steel frame construction, make them easy to equip with specialized components.

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