Product No : HG-8
Product Name : Hand Operated Grease Lubricator
Product Description
  • Generally use in workshop, Auto shop, service stations, fleet maintainance, mining, agruculture, armed forces, construction, transportation vehcile, any mechanical equipment wherever needs lubrication.
  • Use a power-free pneumatic pump for use in places with flammable materials.
  • The body of pump is made of aluminum alloy.

  • It is suitable for the extraction of #0~# 2 grease, and general non-corrosive solvents.
Model No.CapacityVolume OutputHose
HG-8 8L 3.5 g/cycle 1/4"*1W*2M

Test Environment: Grease NLGI#2, room temperature 25℃,Hose Length 2M,Different conditions and different grease may cause different volume output。

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