Product No : FG-97621
Product Name : Wheel Alignment Lifts
Product Description
Triumvirate Synchronous Hydraulic Vehicle Lift
  • Ultra-thin, no digging.
  • Suitable for wheel alignment and balancing.
  • Without Connecting Rod.
  • 4 Hydraulic cylinders symmetrical support.
  • two extension plate extend the upper level to 1960mm.
  • Safety lock is equipped.
  • Platform minimum Height is 22 cm.
Model No.CapacityHorsepowerPower SupplyLift Range(mm)Type of DirveControl
FG-97621D   4 Tons/ 5 Tons 2HP 220/380/415V
Upper 410
lower  1800 
Hydraulic synchronization Electronic Control

No extension plate

Double Extension pull out

Double Extension closed

ST Arm pull out

ST Arm closed

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