Product No : MG-75
Product Name : Air Driven Grease Pump
Product Description

Air Driven Grease Pump Feature

  • MG-75 air-driven grease pump body of the pump is made of aluminum alloy that suction and pumping are two separate systems, the system eliminates grease contamination and waste and uses a power-free pneumatic pump for use in places with flammable materials. MG-75 air-operated grease pump can be equipped with follower plate PB-75 to lower the grease.

Air Driven Grease Pump Usage

  • MG-75 air driven grease pump is suitable for the extraction of #1~# 2 grease, and general non-corrosive solvents, generally used in the workshop, Auto shop, service stations, fleet maintenance, mining, agriculture, armed forces, construction, transportation vehicle, any mechanical equipment wherever needs lubrication.

Air Driven Grease Pump Specification

Model No.CapacityMax PressureRaioVolume OutputHose
MG-75 on top of 50-gallon bucket 4~9 Kgs 1/45~1/50 1120g/min 1/4"*2W*6M

Test Environment: #2 Grease, room temperature:25 ℃, air pressure 8Kg/cm2, and 3m grease tube.

Different conditions and different grease may cause different volume outputs.

Note: High-Pressure grease gun 650-410 and hose reel 95210-G or 95220-G is optional.

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