Product No : EP-35N
Product Name : Precision Electric Shop Press
Product Description

Electric Shop Press Purpose

  • There are many uses for electric shop presses. They can be used for straightening, correcting, and shaping shafts, mechanical parts, and sheet metal beating. The electric shop press is often used in automobile repair services and general machinery repair industries.
  • The EP-35N electric shop presses machine frame is made of steel, and the precision hydraulic cylinder is equipped with special parts, which are stable and durable. It is controlled by an operating rod, the motor automatically stops when the lever is reset. EP-35N electric shop presses are power-saving, durable, and easy to operate are the best choice in your shop!

Precision Electric Hydraulic Press Specification

Model No.CapacityCylinder StrokePressureHosepowerVoltageLeft/Right PitchN.W.Cuft
EP-35N 35T Φ150mm 399±5mm 200Kgs 2HP 220/380/415v
600 620Kgs 30.3
EP-60N 60T Φ220mm 399±5mm 160Kgs 3HP 220/380/415v
580 810Kgs 40.5
EP-100N 100T Φ250mm 399±5mm 210Kgs 5HP 220/380/415v
490 1160 Kgs 49.3

Precision Electric Hydraulic Press Dimensions

proimages/products/07-Hydraulic_press/EP35N_dwg_230912.jpg Unit: mm
Model No.ABbCDE(Max.)FGHI
EP-35N 2000 500~900 316~715 490 1160 1000 1280 350 306 760
EP-60N 2000 500~900 316~715 580 1260 1000 1365 350 320 820
EP-100N 2015 500~1050 316~715 430 1380 1100 1500 350 660 880
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