Product No : KO-575
Product Name : Low Noise Air Operated Oil Lubricator
Model No.CapacityMax PressureRaioVolume OutputHose
KO-575 on top of 50 gallon bucket 6~9 Kgs 1/2 4600c.c./min 3/8"*1W*3M

Test Environment: #40 machine oil, room temperature:25 ℃ , air pressure 8Kg/cm2, and 3m oil tube.

Different conditions and different oil may cause different volume output.

Note: Hose Reel 95320-O and 95420-O is optional.

Hose Reel 95320-O

Dial Flow Meter FG-950-442M

Digital Flow Meter FG-950-456EM

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